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Bedrooms NI Terms & Conditions of Sale

(a)            Any order accepted by Bedrooms NI may be cancelled only with the written consent of the Company.  Any deposit paid will be forfeited and where there is no deposit the Company shall be entitled to seek compensation for any loss sustained by it as a result of such a cancellation which said loss shall be assessed as a minimum of 20%of the value of the actual sales order.

(b)           The Company will not be obliged to deliver any goods until payment has been received in full, payment five working days prior to delivery.

(c)            Title of the goods shall remain with the Company until payment in full has been received.  If the goods remain uncollected 14 days after the agreed date for delivery and the Company has advised the customer that the goods are ready for collection, the order shall be deemed cancelled.  On such a deemed cancellation the Company shall be entitled to seek compensation as per Clause (a).

(d)           Delivery of the goods shall be affected as follows:

(i)                   Where the customer collects the goods from the Company, at the time and place of collection.

(ii)                 Where the Company agrees to deliver the goods, at the time of delivery to the address of delivery agreed with the customer.  Where goods are collected the Company shall have no responsibility for any faults or damage reported after collection.

(e)            The Company reserves the right to affect delivery anywhere within the customers delivery address, although the Company shall exercise any reasonable request of the customer to make delivery within a delivery address.  This will only be done on the prior understanding and agreement that it is done at the customers own risk and any consequences directly resulting from these requests are at the customers own liability and the Company cannot be held liable for any loss resulting from the requests of the customer.

(f)            The Company shall not be required to accept returns or repair of goods in respect of damage or other defects where the customer has accepted delivery of the goods whether or not the customer has exercised his right to examine the goods at the time of delivery.

(g)            Where the Company is liable for any damaged goods, the Company will affect any replacement/repair within a reasonable period of time.  The Company will be liable only for the replacement /repair of goods and the customer shall not be entitled to make any additional claim against the Company for any alleged loss (direct or indirect) allegedly resulting there from.

(h)           The Company shall not be liable to the customer for any delay, howsoever caused, in delivery or fitting or inability to fulfil the order.  If the Company cannot fulfil any order within 4 weeks from the agreed completion date the customer shall be entitled to cancel the order or shall be entitled to have any deposit refunded.

(i)            Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure colour matches, materials/veneers vary and yellowing may occur as a result of ageing.  Delivered goods may vary from showroom models.  An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed but will be within British Standard tolerances.

(j)            Where goods are being fitted and a date has been agreed between the Company, the customer is required to give to the Company a minimum of 5 working days notice of any requested vacation.  In such circumstances the Company may seek a cancellation fee to cover costs directly incurred by the Company.  This will be based on loss sustained by the Company as a result thereby and will be payable before any fitting work shall be carried out by the Company.

(k)           The laws of Northern Ireland or England shall apply depending on the jurisdiction relevant to the store location from which the order was placed.

(l)            The Company accepts no responsibility for incorrect measurements supplied by customers.

(m)          All customers should note that mattresses must be rotated on a regular basis and a reasonable time must be allowed for settlement of fills.  The normal settlement of filling in a mattress flattening over the first few weeks/months of use (i.e. “dipping”) is usual and does not constitute a fault or claim under the guarantee.

(n)           All customers should note that beds are supplied on a delivery basis only and will require assembly.  All frames are supplied on a self-assembly basis.

(o)           Where the Company offers “FREE FITTING” it will be limited to the pre-assembling joining and applying of cornice only.  Handles will not be fitted as standard to reduce damage in transit.  Unscheduled branch deliveries customers are required to fit all handles.

(p)           The Company is unable to arrange timed deliveries.  Any delivery allocation is approximate only and the Company cannot be held liable for any unforeseen delays.